Brussels | Feb 20 Global Intern Strike

It's time to demand equal access to fair, quality internships!

Join and help organise the Global Intern Strike in Brussels!

On 20th February 2017, young people across the world will come together to say NO to the exploitative and exclusionary practice of unpaid internships.

The February 20 strike is being organised by Brussels Interns NGO and EUInterns4Interns. We will demand that employers and leaders ensure quality intern opportunities are paid and accessible to all - regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Brussels Intern Strike

In Brussels, we will gather on the Rond-Point Schuman, in front of the European Commission, to call for action on three key issues:

  1. Un(der)paid internships on the Belgian labour market, which are illegal but still target both Belgians and young foreigners. See for more.
  2. Un(der)paid internships inside the EU Institutions.
  3. Un(der)paid internships across Europe, which require an urgent response from national and European policymakers.

The protest will be followed by a panel discussion at the European Commission, hosted by EUInterns4Interns.


Preliminary Schedule

12.30 - 13.30 : Protest
Rond-Point Schuman

14.00 - 16.00 : Panel Discussion - Unpaid Internships in light of the European Pillar of Social Rights
European Commission (Registration required, more details soon)

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