Geneva | Feb 20 Global Interns Strike

It is time to demand equal access to fair, quality, paid internships!

On 20th February 2017, the UN day for Social Justice, young people across the world will come together to say NO to the exploitative and exclusionary practice of unpaid internships.

Coordinated by the Global Intern Coalition, decentralised actions will take place in a range of cities. We will demand that employers and leaders ensure quality intern opportunities are paid and accessible to all - regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Geneva Action: The March of the Missing + Evening Discussion

Here in Geneva, we will be carrying out an action to show our solidarity with the thousands of young people across the world who want to haveaccess to intern opportunities but are denied based purely on their socio-economic backgrounds and the fact that they cannot afford to work for free.

We will gather on Place Des Nations at 12:30 and bring the stories of those who could not afford to be here directly to the march, through recordings and posters showing their testimonies.

Then on the evening we will meet at The Impact Hub at 19h to share ideas on how internships can be improved and hear from a range of speakers and experts on the issue.

Preliminary Schedule

12.30h - 13.30h : March of the Missing
@ Place des Nations

18:30h: Open Discussion
@ The Impact Hub, Geneva