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Entidades juveniles españolas apoyan la huelga mundial de becarios

By Silvia Magán - SER - 17 February 2017

El Consejo de la Juventud de España (CJE), los sindicatos CCOO, UGT Juventud, la Confederación Estatal de Asociaciones de Estudiantes (Canae) y La Federación de Asociaciones de Estudiantes Progresistas (Faest) apoyan la huelga internacional convocada para el próximo lunes 20 de febrero por la Coalición Mundial de Becarios.

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EU interns to rebel against unpaid work

By Aleksandra Eriksson - EU Observer - 15 February 2017

EU interns are gathering on Monday (20 February), the UN day for social justice, to claim an end to unpaid internships in Brussels. "It is illegal to offer graduates unpaid work in Belgium, but hundreds of young workers are still exploited every year," said Bryn Watkins, a managing member of Brussels Interns NGO (Bingo), who is helping to organise Monday's lunch-time protest in front of the European Commission.

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Global Intern Strike, one day against unpaid internships

By Irene Dominioni - Repubblica degli Stagisti - 11 February 2017

«Unpaid traineeships are an unacceptable practice because they create inequality between people at the start of their career, and they are increasingly replacing entry level jobs»: still hearing such words at the beginning of 2017 is bitter, after youth unemployment and poverty have been recognized as a global challenge and a top policy concern, with 71 million unemployed youth worldwide and 156 million young workers living in poverty, as the International Labour Organization reports.

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简书 - 19 January 2017

欧洲委员会2013年的一份报告(Flash Eurobarometer 378: The Experience of Traineeships in the EU)中指出:在欧盟国内18-35岁之间的年轻人中,46%都至少有过一次实习经验。其中每5个实习生中就有2个没有得到报酬。更有50%的实习工资不足以满足实习生的基本生活需要。

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“Journée Internationale des stagiaires” : appel pour des droits des stagiaires dans le monde entier!

L’Humanité - 9 November 2015

Le 10 novembre est la Journée Internationale des stagiaires, à l’initiative de l’International Coalition for Fair Internships (ICFI) dont fait partie le collectif Génération Précaire. Cela a lieu exactement 10 ans après la 1ère grève des stagiaires en France organisée par Génération Précaire.

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Les stagiaires du monde entier écrivent à Ban Ki-moon pour défendre leurs droits

Le Figaro - 24 August 2015

By Céline Revel-Dumas

À la suite du coup de projecteur porté par David Hyde, vivant sous une tente à Genève, sur la non-rémunération des stagiaires de l'ONU, ces derniers ont adressé une lettre à son secrétaire général. Et attendent une réponse.

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How a UN intern was forced to live in a tent in Geneva

BBC News - 12 August 2015

By Imogen Foulkes

The case of a United Nations intern found sleeping in a tent on the shores of Lake Geneva has drawn attention to the United Nations practice (one it shares with big business and some European Union institutions) of employing interns on an unpaid basis.

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Meet the new forever interns

BBC Capital - 8 April 2015

By Richard Venturi

In some cases, long-term internships both during and after university have become the main way to get into the workforce as a young professional. But, more concerning to some is that too many young people are moving from one internship to the next, especially in Europe. They don’t secure a regular full-time job — and sometimes aren’t paid adequately — for years.

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Unpaid Interns in the New York Courts: Time to Start Spreading the News?

Oxford Human Rights Hub - 30 October 2013

By Darryl Hutcheon

Seen most cynically, employers deploy the label “intern” to give the impression that worker protection laws do not apply to people who look very much like workers, relying on financial and organisational barriers which prevent interns launching court challenges. A string of recent lawsuits brought by interns in New York marks a bold attempt to break through those barriers, with extremely high stakes for interns and their users.

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Press Release Announcing the Inauguration of the International Coalition for Fair Internships

September 2013

We are pleased to draw your attention to the inauguration of the International Coalition for Fair Internships, a global affiliation of organizations and independent advocates. We declare ourselves aligned in the shared cause of confronting the increasingly widespread practice of wage theft conducted under the guise of “unpaid internships” and promoting genuine training and learning opportunities for today's young adults.

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