Projects by Partner Organisations

Transparency at Work: European Label for Quality Internships (InternsGoPro)

Write a review of your internship and get an insider’s view of the company you are interested in. The European Label for the Best Internships give you also all the information you need before applying.

United Nations Interns Survey 2015 (Fair Internship Initiative)

Given the lack of data that the UN collects on its interns, the Fair Internship Initiative conducted a comprehensive online survey with current and former interns over the summer of 2015. It was the first detailed survey of UN interns of its kind. Preliminary survey results of the 2015 survey are available for download (.pdf).

World Interns' Survey 2016 (Fair Internship Initiative)

Global Intern Survey 2017 (Fair Internship Initiative)

Coming soon!

Global Intern Guidelines

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Open Letters and Statements

Re: Letter to Secretary-General-Designate Antonio Guterres on Fair Internships
(Fair Internship Initiative)

6 December 2016

Response to letter sent by the Fair Internship Initiative on 16 November, proposing an increase to the quality, accessibility, and competitiveness of the UN Internship Programme. Read the full letter (.pdf).